Summer Holidays on a Budget

06. April 2017 Budget 0
Summer Holidays on a Budget

Getting away for a week or two during the summer is vital, especially when you live in the UK and the weather is not the best. However, summer holidays can be expensive, most notably if you can only take your time off during the school holidays. Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can avoid paying an arm and a leg for your trip. Here is our top money saving tips for getting the best deal on your summer holiday.

Book Your Flights at the Right time

Unless you are planning on booking a package holiday, the price of your flights are going to take up a large chunk of the total price of your holiday. With the varying ticket prices, finding the cheapest ticket for your flight can save you a good chunk of money. ¬†Contrary to common belief, it is not always the best idea to leave booking your flight to the last minute if you want to save money. Generally during the summer months, airlines are not going to struggle to fill their planes, so last minute promotions are unlikely.¬†On average, the cheapest time to book your flights is three months before your trip. Also if you are willing to spend a little longer travelling to save a few bob, consider taking an indirect flight. So if you want to spend as little as possible make sure you are organised and don’t leave booking those flights until the last minute. Check out Kayak for more information on the best time to book your flight.

For Families, Go All-Inclusive

If you are planning a trip with a large family and want to save money you may be inclined to look for a self catering option as their accommodation is generally cheaper. However, once you add up the cost of providing three meals a day for your brood as well as snacks and activities, the price of an all-inclusive hotels works out similar. Mark Warner, for example, have very reasonably priced all inclusive hotels throughout the Mediterranean which offer an array of activities and dining options for guests. Not only are all-inclusive hotels on a par financially with self-catering, they are the far more relaxing option, ensuring you really feel like you are on holiday.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

During the summer, avoid the popular resorts or cities. EVERYTHING will be more expensive in popular destinations. If you are in Europe, why not look into heading east. Croatia is beautiful and similar to Greece. This stunning, coastal country tends to be far cheaper than its Mediterranean neighbours but equally (if not more) mesmerising. Another up and coming destination is Malta. Often described as the jewel of the Mediterranean, the tiny island nation packs a lot into its small circumference; it’s capital city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, its has a number of ancient historical ruins, some of the best diving in the world and stunning beaches. Best of all, it’s one of the cheaper holiday destinations in Europe. For great deals on holidays to Malta, have a look at Malta holiday specialists Chevron.


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