Edinburgh – What to Do and See in Scotland’s Capital

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Edinburgh – What to Do and See in Scotland’s Capital

The capital of Scotland is considered as one of the best cities to settle down in the UK. An unique atmosphere, combining medieval tradition with sublime modernity that one can feel on every corner. Edinburgh is also a perfect destination for tourists where are plenty of noteworthy places awaiting.

Edinburgh emerging from morning fog, taken from Salisbury Crags.:

Edinburgh Castle – waiting for 1pm

It is an innovative city full of vibrant energy surprising with its scenery. The landscape may be a little reminiscent of Rome, and it is due to the seven hills around which the city was built. The historic Edinburgh Castle rises on one of these volcanic rocks, being a former residence of the Scottish rulers. It is a true symbol of the city, which has also become a part of everyday life. Every day, except Sunday, at 1 pm you can experience and most of all hear the shot from the cannon. Interestingly, the characteristic roar has been heard in this city since 1861. It is worth being around the castle at this very moment. Okey, this one is not the cheapest, a ticket for an adult costs 16 pounds, but Edinburgh Castle is a gem in Scottish history that is definitely worth visiting.

The Scotch Whiskey Experience. Learn the history of “water of life”

Scots call their national gold liquor “water of life”. For this reason, the whiskey museum is absolutely a must seein the capital. The Scotch Whiskey Experience is a quaint place, offering a barrel-shaped carriage ride through the replica of the old distillery. During the expedition you will learn the history of the drink, as well as the process of its production.

Climb Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat, overlooking Edinburgh. Was here in 2005:

On a sunny day, let yourself exercise slightly, embarking on a walking trip to one of the hills-  Arthur’s Seat. It is a 250-meter volcanic rise offering a panoramic view on the entire city. Thanks to its central location, you can see the Old and New Town, Leith Harbor or South Edinburgh’s student district. It’s also a great location for a romantic sunset. However, take into account a typical Scottish weather that often reduces the visibility.

One legend says that this is where the King Arthur’s castle, Camelot, was to be erected. Historians have already denied this possibility and have explained that the name of the hill is most likely referring to Arthur from Strathclyde, who lived in the sixth century.

See Where Harry Potter Was Born

I don’t mean the wizard himself obviously, but the J.K. Rowling’s first novel Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone. She used to come to this sweet, little (wee in Scottish) café called the Elephant House to focus and write new chapters of the future iconic book. She had her favorite spot in the upstairs room which overlooks Edinburgh Castle. It is easy to imagine that the city must have been inspiring to her.

The Elephant House (birthplace of Harry Potter)- used to come here as a kid and have an elephant-shaped piece of shortbread.:

National Museum of Scotland – free history class

The museum has 24,000 artifacts, chronologically arranged in 36 thematic galleries. Among the rich collections are prehistoric items as well as works created by modern technology.

This beautifully designed building has four floors and a gorgeous glass atrium. The official opening took place in 1861 and from the very beginning its mission was to “show Scotland the world to and let the world see Scotland”. For this reason, this place is full of local history but also exhibits collections from the furthest corners of the globe.  Another great thing about this museum is free entry.

National Museum Of Scotland ~ Edinburgh City

It is difficult to quickly answer the question what to see in Edinburgh. The list presented is just the beginning of all the attractions. It is a city of famous writers, historical castles and student life. Several old universities call it sometimes “Athens of the North”. Also, do not miss the opportunity to attend at least one of the numerous festivals taking place here (for example very popular Fringe),  discover rich in stunning souvenirs street shops or experience the spirt of a traditional Scottish bar. Short weekend will certainly let you get to know only some of the attractions so book a little more time in this picturesque city and enjoy it to the fullest.

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